Head for the slums and look for potential candidates

From Create Your Own Story

You arrive in the slums. Although the Christians advocate equality and helping the less fortunate, the poverty is rising in this city and the poor isn't getting any help from the rich Christians. Dumb hypocrites you think. But unlike the Christians, your cult has invested in this area by supplying drugs and prostitutes, something to lighten up these peoples daily lives. This has made you a recognizable face in these areas, so you can be seen walking around in normal middleclass clothes without someone jumping you.

You spot a gang hanging out in an alley. They signal you to come over. You recognize them as several of the cult’s employees in these parts. Most likely they just want to fuck you.

On the other side of the street you notice a good-looking Asian woman in cheap slutty cloths talking to a younger Asian girl. The woman looks like a prostitute and the other girl is most likely her daughter.

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